A £70m global centre of excellence to enable a South West university at the forefront of engineering education and research to partner with the automotive industry and develop low carbon propulsion technologies.

This impressive facility houses a total of 17 test cells equipped to explore innovations in automotive propulsion technologies, thereby bringing the UK and the globe closer to a greener future. Designated zones for testing powertrains, vehicle emissions and various propulsion systems are located at ground floor, either side of a spacious skylit atrium. The plant deck is tucked away at first floor accommodating numerous items of mechanical and electrical plant in close proximity to the test cells they serve below. The front of house provides office and meeting spaces behind a sweeping curve of glazed curtain walling.

It’s been a pleasure working with you. Thanks for your hard work on this project

Project Manager


A steel framed solution facilitated layout flexibility and rapid construction.  A composite steel and concrete first floor structure provided an efficient and economical floor plate capable of supporting the 850 kg/m2 loading allowance of the plant deck.  Further economy was achieved by varying the foundation design from shallow reinforced pads to deep mass fill foundations to suit the dipping rock strata across the sloping site, terraced with sustainable timber crib retaining walls.  A high level of BIM integration was required to achieve coordination over such a complex project, whose design team included both a building and a technical architect together with a specialist equipment supplier and M&E engineer.  The structure was no exception to the BIM process and attentive collaboration effectively honed a bespoke structural frame, thus enabling the remaining pieces of the building’s assembly to be slotted into place to achieve an inspiring workspace for the client.