The project involved the redevelopment of a site previously used as a hotel located in the heart of the New Forest. The development included the construction of three new villas and the extension to and conversion of the existing hotel structure, providing in total 22 one and two bedroom apartments and two new cottages.

Under the leadership of an aspirational client the goal of this project was to create luxury retirement accommodation with a high quality of architectural design and material finish. The creation of sizable open plan rooms featuring large windows required careful design and detailing. Major alterations to the fragile fabric of the Victorian hotel pushed ingenuity to the limits. The development seamlessly blends the old with the new, sited peacefully in the tranquil surroundings of its ancient woodland home.

Peter and his team were prompt, professional and polite. I would highly recommend them.



A combination of structural materials and techniques were required to achieve the ambitious architectural design.  Vibro stone columns were used to strengthen the ground.  Load bearing masonry provided the primary structural form, but elements of timber, steel and concrete also played their part.  The prominent balconies have minimal steel frames finished with elegant timber cladding.  Precast concrete floor planks achieve long-span floors and traditional built-up timber roof construction maximises habitable space at the upper floors.  Within the Victorian hotel much of the internal structure was renewed, but the original façades were carefully retained and strengthened.  There’s a lot going on behind the neatly finished exteriors!